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Counseling Services For Kids & Parents With ADHD In Katy, TX

What Are Family Support Groups?

The program focuses on equipping parents with practical tools and strategies that address their child's specific challenges while fostering a strong and supportive family dynamic. Each activity or technique serves a distinct purpose:

Role-playing helps build empathy, improve communication, and develop strategies to manage challenging scenarios.

Positive reinforcement emphasizes successes and builds motivation for continued positive behavior in the child.

Behavior charts create a visual representation of progress, reinforce good behaviors, and build a sense of accomplishment.

Modeling helps parents demonstrate appropriate behaviors, communication, and emotional regulation for their child to observe and learn from.

Active listening builds trust and teaches parents to focus on the child's feelings and words, validating their experiences and building stronger communication.

Understand ADHD & Develop Practical Strategies For Success

Understand ADHD & Develop Practical Strategies For Success

Gain a deeper knowledge of ADHD, including how it impacts your child’s brain, behavior, and learning. By cultivating specific techniques for managing ADHD-related behaviors, you’ll help improve their focus and support organizational skills.

Enjoy The Community & Support You Deserve

Connecting with other parents who “get it” lets you know you are not alone on your family’s journey. Not only do you learn and grow alongside other families, but you also love the ongoing support that encourages your progress and goals.

Enjoy The Community & Support You Deserve
Become A Greater Advocate For Your Child

Become A Greater Advocate For Your Child

As a parent, your child’s voice and needs are dependent on you. Through Family Support Groups, you build the confidence and knowledge to advocate for your child’s needs within the educational system and beyond.

Take A Look At Some Activities & Techniques

ADHD Education Sessions

Presentations on topics like the neurobiology of ADHD, effective medication management, or behavior modification strategies.

Success Stories

Parents share strategies that have worked well in their families, fostering hope and inspiration.

Skills Workshops

Focused sessions on time management tools, creating homework routines, managing impulsivity, or reducing parent-child conflict.

Mindfulness & Stress-Reduction

Learning techniques to manage parental stress and overwhelm, directly impacts the family environment.

IEP/504 Navigation

Sessions on understanding Individualized Educational Programs/504 Plans and developing strategies for effective collaboration with schools.

Take A Deeper Dive into the Purpose of the Group

Demystifying ADHD

Replacing confusion and self-blame with science-based understanding, fostering healthier parent-child dynamics.

Building A Toolbox

Equipping parents with practical strategies tailored to the often-chaotic realities of ADHD family life.

Creating Community

Offering a space for validation, shared experiences, and ongoing support to combat the isolation that many parents of ADHD kids feel.

Empowering Advocacy

Helping parents gain the knowledge and confidence to be their child's strongest advocate in all areas of life.

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